Scale + Shift to Constrain (broken?) or Use Alt.?

Like the title says.
Using Shift while scaling does not constrain/maintain uniform.(**see status bar prompt)
However, using Alt. will constrain/maintain uniform.
I cannot be the only one.


The wording isn’t quite right. Ctrl = About Center is stating that holding down the Ctrl key will make the object scale around the center. Shift = Toggle Uniform implies that tapping Shift will take you in and about of Uniform. It really seems to disable Uniform. If could read Shift = Non Uniform, and then make sense.

I think that Alt is doing nothing, other than encouraging you to not hold down the Shift key. So, for Uniform scale from the opposite point, just don’t press any keys.

The first gif is with the shift key depressed.
The second gif is without the shift key depressed.
Note how the box has a constant width in the second gif.

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That’s interesting. It makes sense that you have to press a key when dragging the side handles, because the normal desire is to squish the box. Likewise with the corners, the normal desire is to uniformly scale the box. In both cases you have to hold shift to do the less likely action.

Perhaps it should say Shift = Reverse Uniform.

Pretty sure this is why it gets me every time(I don’t often use scale in SU)…that and holding shift in LO while resizing viewport constrains.
This probably better fits the category of those that want more consistency between SU & LO.


It all depends on which handle you grab, all corner handles of the cube are uniform (can’t be un-uniformed) all others can. Edit: shift ‘toggles’ between different handles…

I do not know if the statusbar c(sh)ould reflect that difference.

It is pretty consistent, for there are only corner handles in 2D.

Edit: there aren’t any handles in LayOut

Not quite right either.

No key pressed scales using chosen grip and opposite grip.
Holding down [Ctrl] scales using the chosen grip and the bounding box’s center, no matter what.
Holding down [Shift] scales uniformly, no matter what, except for corner grips
Holding down both [Ctrl] and [Shift] scales uniformly about the bounding box’s center.

Whichever grip and pressed key(s) you have used, the result will be overruled by inputting the three scale factors or the three “box” dimensions (values plus units)

added: there is no toggling involved in a sense of hitting a key once (to do) or twice (to undo), so unlike with the ‘Move’ tool and hitting [Ctrl] to get ‘Move Copy’.

edited: Holding down [Shift]** scales uniformly**, no matter what, except for corner grips.

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While this may be true, it feels kind of cumbersome and there is a lot of redundency if you would have to input all dimensions, all the time.

As said, it does make quit a difference which handle you grab…

True. I just mentioned the general rule. But ofcourse, depending on the grip that you pick you can see (see ‘Tape Measurement’ box) how many dimensions or factors you need for overruling the result.

Note that a handy feature is that the chosen grip snaps to existing geometry. Except for to endpoints in the planes of the opposite grip.

Wether Shift sets the tool uniforms or sets it to not uniform depends on whether you grab a corner or not. The phrasing using toggle is correct here.

Seems consensus is nothing is broken (just pilot error on my part)…thanks everyone.


Not true.
Each grip scales the bounding box uniformly when [Shift] is kept pressed.

Start from cube 1m,1m,1m:

Scaled with [Shift] and edge center grip:

Scaled with [Shift] and face center grip:

Now I see what you meant, the corner grip works the other way when holding down [Shift]. Here [Shift] disables uniform scaling.
I corrected that in my previous post (post #7 above).