Is 1:1 printing possible with SketchUp Make 2017

Hi can anyone print a file for me 1:1 scale into PDF? I’m using SketchUp make 17 and i cant get it to work.


1:1 printing in SketchUp Make is possible but you have to set things up correctly. Share the SKP file and I will show you how to do it.

V3S4.skp (17.9 KB)

hey here is the file

So the first thing you missed is setting the camera to Parallel Projection. You can tell it’s set to Perspective because the blue axis is visible at the bottom.

After setting the camera to Parallel Projection, you need to adjust the window to approximate the aspect ratio of the paper. Are you expecting to print the outer rectangle or is that supposed to represent the paper?

Assuming the latter, erase the rectangle and adjust the model window shape to fit tightly around the model. Use Zoom Extents to fill the space. Tick the box for 1:1 in the export options.


If you just want to print a pattern directly and don’t care about the PDF, go to the Print or Print Preview Window, untick the boxes for Fit to Page and Use Model Extents. Set the Scale to 1 and 1 making sure the units are the same.

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cool it gave me a weird result (splitting it into multiple pages) but its fine as long as i have it printed :slight_smile: thanks a bunch

What size paper? If you don’t get the model window resized correctly, you could get something spreading across pages that could fit on one.

For what it is worth, LayOut makes this much easier If you have to do this sort of thing more than once in awhile, it could easily be worth it to go to Pro.

paper size A4 … its just for my personal use once a while, pro is a big investment for that :slight_smile: i can live with workarounds for now.

Here’s a PDF at 1:1 on one page of A4. Print it at 100% scaling, not Fit to Page, using Adobe Reader or equivalent to print it.

V3S4 1 to 1.pdf (117.5 KB)

You might have had the “Use model extents” box checked. It has a bug since ancient history that does this for small objects (smaller than about a foot across).