Trying to print 1:1

I’ve read several topics on the subject, I’m on Windows 10, and Sketchup Make, when I get to the Print window, uncheck fit to page with or without Use model extents checked scale is greyed out.

You have to first set the Camera to Parallel Projection and choose a standard view.

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You need to be in one of the standard views - plan or elevation looking along an axis, AND in Camera/Parallel projection mode.

Check both of these things.

If you still can’t set a scale for your print, upload your model saved in the same state from which you are trying to print to scale.

PS. As often happens, @DaveR gets there first while I’m still typing!


Camera is set to Parallel Projection, I don’t know what a standard view is, I’ve set the view to Front.

Can’t find where to modify my profile, or how it got changed.

That’s one of the standard views.

Share your .skp file so we can see how you have it set up.

I don’t think you ever completed it.
Screenshot - 8_21_2022 , 10_50_38 AM

Click on your avatar image at the upper right of the forum page. Then click Preferences and Preferences again.

print 1 to 1.skp (561.6 KB)
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As your file opened, it is not set to a standard view. If it was you wouldn’t see the axis line that extends toward the camera.

Here I’ve selected the Standard Front View.

After the scale print option is available.

And Print Preview:

Thanks Dave, it’s really strange, I got the “Front” in the upper left corner but had to select front to make it so.

Not so strange. You only got close to Front but not exactly on it. Selecting the view from the menu or Views toolbar is the way to get exactly on.

Thanks for fixing your profile.

Note that for printing small objects to full scale the “use model extents” box doesn’t work. It will split the printout over several pages. Zoom in instead so that what is to be printed fills your SketchUp screen. Fit to Page prints to a random scale.

Thanks Anssi, DaveR got me squared away, the thing that bothers me is “Front” is displayed when it actually isn’t Front.

As I wrote, you must have gotten close. It wasn’t showing Front when I opened it, though.

I hate to sound snarky, but close only counts in horseshoes.

Horseshoes and hand grenades.

Exactly the point. Select the appropriate standard view from the Camera>Standard Views menu. Don’t try to orbit the camera to get there.