Introducing an improved toolbar for SketchUp for Web

Starting this week, we’re rolling out a new and improved Toolbar for SketchUp for Web. Now you can customize your workspace and keep your favorite tools close at hand!

The new Toolbar includes three parts: (1) The new Main Toolbar, (2) The Extended Toolset, (3) Recent Tools

Key improvements include:

  • A cleaner layout - the basic tools are available in the Main Toolbar, while more specialized tools are found in the Extended Toolset menu, giving you quick visibility into your complete toolset.
  • Full customizability - drag and drop tools in any order between the Main Toolbar and Extended Toolset menu, to create a palette that best suits your workflow.
  • Recent tools - recently used tools from the Extended Toolset menu will appear at the bottom of the Main Toolbar for easy access.
  • Keyboard shortcuts - to help with learnability, keyboard shortcuts are displayed when you hover over a tool icon.
  • Responsive - when switching between devices or screens, the toolbar smartly scales for screen size and resolution.

Rearranging Tools

If you’re already a user of SketchUp for iPad, this updated toolbar will feel pretty familiar, and will make your transition between apps and devices more seamless.

Adding Recent Tool Slots and Making Tool Groups

You can further customize your experience, using the “Edit” button found at the bottom of the Extended Toolset. In edit mode, you can add or remove the number of recent tools you have in the Main Toolbar, as well as use separators to create tool groups in the Extended Toolset menu. (And if you get a little carried away, you can always return to the default state by clicking “Reset” in edit mode.)

We hope these improvements will make the 40+ tools more discoverable for new users and allow experienced users to better tailor SketchUp for Web to their needs.

Happy Sketching!


That is a great change! For guys like me who struggle with having almost NO short term memory, it was frustrating to keep hunting for the tools over and over again … “Now WHERE was that OFFSET tool! …”

Now the whole tool pallet appears with a single click! BRAVO!!!


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Let us lock it open, my screen is huge and I use all features just give me all the tools at once, or make the toolbar become wider if I insert all tools. A 4x11 grid would fit all the tools.

Is anyone else having the issue with toolbar icons disappearing from the menu after using them? It is driving me nuts, they reappear randomly later. It is making the web tool unusable for me. I am on a macbook pro with chrome.


I am having this issue too

LOVE the toolbar changes! Or rather, I was loving them until the little 3-dots button at the bottom went away and I can’t get it back. Help?

Hi Steven, can you tell me more about the issue you’re having? Where are they disappearing from? If you look at the graphic above, is it disapearing from zone 1 (Main Toolbar), zone 2 (Extended toolset) or zone 3 (Recent Tools). If it’s zone 3, that’s by design – that area is meant to only show the three most recently used tools from the extended menu and if you want them to ‘stick around’ you can move them to the main toolbar. If it’s zone 1 or 2, please tell us more about the issue so we can get to the bottom of it!

Hi Donny,

Can you tell me more about what you mean it “disappeared”? Can you share a screenshot? It should be available in all scenarios!

Hi Sketchup team. The icons are totally disappearing from the web menu and the only way to use them is to use a shortcut key. For example see these screenshots with the missing pencil icon. They then reappear randomly later I haven’t figured out the sequence to make them reappear. They disappear after being used. I am on chrome Version 111.0.5563.146 (arm64) on Mac OSX 13.2.1.

Yes, I see that in the screenshot. Thank you for reporting this. This hadn’t come up in any of our testing, so we will investigate and get back to you. If you do happen to figure out what the steps to repro it are, please let us know. And thanks for the browser/OS. That will help us track it down.

Can you please try and go to the Extended Toolset menu, click Edit then click on Reset? I would like to see if this fixes your issues. But still we will need to figure out the cause.

I followed the steps above to reset and it did fix the issue.

Thank you, please let us know if you get into that state again. Hopefully we can capture some steps.

Hi Gopal, I think it (disappearing tool icon) may have happened to me once. But not 100% sure so I keep an eye open to see if it happens (again). This was last week when the change was new to me.

Thank you for all the work and effort that the team puts into improving SketchUp for Web.

This is quite a change and it takes time to get familiar with the new tool sets opposed to the former “fly outs”.
I do have a wish or two (or three) though about the new toolbar. Would id be possible to have a double colom set of tools.
To have more tools instantly available I now have to shrink the tools ([Ctrl+scroll wheel) and either add more tools or add more “Recent Tool Slots”. And while I’m at it, it would also help tremendously if the “Separator” would be more visible, a much thicker line. See the need to shrink the toolbar and its icons above to see more tools (which makes the separaort even thinner).
Last thing for now, could there be an option to create a shortcut to bring up the “Extended Toolset”. Instead of having to click on the three dots.

That’s an excellent idea. +1

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Can you save your model and reload Donny? And let me know if your menu comes back. This is supposed to be responsively designed, such that it adapts to your window size, but sometimes it requires refreshing the app.

Can you please add the following details:
Operating system:
Browser and browser version:
Screen resolution:

I am new to SketchUp and really enjoy it, so thank you to the engineer team, developers, and organization for allowing use of the free version.

In my learning (2 months now), I came to really enjoy the toolbar with the “pop outs”. I had an idea of what as included with each pop out so I somewhat knew where to go. For example, the tape measure pop out included the dimension tool and other tools. With the new toolbar those “pop outs” are no longer available. I have to fumble around and try to remember what each tool represented.

Is there a classic version or a way to use the pop outs again, or will I just need to adjust?