Introducing an improved toolbar for SketchUp for Schools

Starting this week, we’re rolling out a new and improved Toolbar for SketchUp for Schools. Now you can customize your workspace and keep your favorite tools close at hand!

The new Toolbar includes three parts: (1) The new Main Toolbar, (2) The Extended Toolset, (3) Recent Tools

Key improvements include:

  • A cleaner layout - the basic tools are available in the Main Toolbar, while more specialized tools are found in the Extended Toolset menu, giving you quick visibility into your complete toolset.

  • Full customizability - drag and drop tools in any order between the Main Toolbar and Extended Toolset menu, to create a palette that best suits your workflow.

  • Recent tools - recently used tools from the Extended Toolset menu will appear at the bottom of the Main Toolbar for easy access.

  • Keyboard shortcuts - to help with learnability, keyboard shortcuts are displayed when you hover over a tool icon.

  • Responsive - when switching between devices or screens, the toolbar smartly scales for screen size and resolution.


Rearranging Tools

You can further customize your experience, using the “Edit” button found at the bottom of the Extended Toolset. In edit mode, you can add or remove the number of recent tools you have in the Main Toolbar, as well as use separators to create tool groups in the Extended Toolset menu. (And if you get a little carried away, you can always return to the default state by clicking “Reset” in edit mode.)


Adding Recent Tool Slots and Making Tool Groups

We hope these improvements will make the 40+ tools more discoverable for new users and allow experienced users to better tailor SketchUp for Schools to their needs.

Happy Sketching!

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Buona Pasqua!
Volevo dire che la barra degli strumenti era più comoda prima, ora è un caos! SketchUp for Schools negli ultimi mesi è peggiorato…
Si può riavere la vecchia barra degli strumenti (sinistra)?