New updates in SketchUp for Schools 2021

Back to school season is, well, back! Kudos to our teachers for persevering through a turbulent time, and getting their students (online or in-person) jazzed up for the upcoming school year. We’re excited to announce brand-new SketchUp for Schools for K-12 updates: personalized shortcuts, application settings, custom trackpad controls, and, of course, a new curriculum.

One other notable change; meet our newest scale figure, Katherine Johnson. Widely known for her work at NASA, Katherine was a mathematician, teacher, and an all-around inspirational leader. Say hello to Katherine the next time you’re in class.

New curriculum:

  • 3D Modeling for Geometry Class (Beginner)
  • Modeling Your Classroom (Intermediate)
  • Playground Design (Advanced)

New features to try:

  • A new menu option called application settings allows you to save your settings so they’re ready for you the next time you log in.
  • Students can now easily model using their trackpad with a new trackpad user mode. It’s time to ditch the mouse and take your trackpad for a spin!
  • Personalize workflows: set your own custom shortcuts using the Search menu; SketchUp will remember your preferences the next time you log into your account.
  • The Outliner feature, which is from SketchUp Pro, is now available for students too. The tool enables you to view a model’s objects (Groups, Components, and Section Planes) as a hierarchical tree. Learn more about how to use Outliner in this Help Center article.

As always, our main jam is to continue to provide you access to more features to help make SketchUp for Schools easy for you to use in your classrooms. Let us know what you think about the new updates in the comments below.

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Thanks for posting about the new features, however can we get some assistance & support in the multiple other recent threads where many school divisions cannot access via Google authentication (loop issue)…