A new school year means new features in SketchUp for Schools!

Whether you’re teaching remotely this year, or you’re back in the classroom, a new school year means new features in SketchUp for Schools! This year we focused on how we could help support the different learning needs of your class.

Some of the new features you’ll notice are recent files listed in your welcome window, Solid Inspector improvements, and localized search results in 12 languages! Now, let’s dig a little deeper into a couple of notable callouts below.

2020 Curriculum

We worked with teachers across the country to determine what would be relevant to a wide range of classrooms. You’ll notice this new curriculum isn’t just targeted towards traditional 3D modeling classes. Even better? We added educator resources to help teachers customize this curriculum for their classrooms.

  • 3D Modeling in Math Class (Beginner)
  • 3D Maps in Social Studies Class (Intermediate)
  • Scene Design in Language Arts (Advanced)

Localized Search

Use the Search tool in your native tongue! We improved search results in all 12 languages to help students uncover the tools they are looking for, and display other relevant tools they might not know about yet. We worked with 3D modeling experts across the globe to make sure our translated modeling concepts were up to par.

And that’s not all. Check out all of the new features in our blog post and let us know how they work in your class. Happy Sketching!

Important note! To assist with the adjustment to remote learning, the SketchUp team has temporarily made SketchUp for Schools available for login to anyone with a Gmail or Microsoft account.This open access will only be available until September 30th, 2020, after which students and teachers will need to log in with their school accounts. If you and your students are currently using your school domain logins, you shouldn’t see any changes! If not, please reach out to your school’s IT Administrator to make sure that SketchUp for Schools is allowed on your domain, and have your students transition to their school accounts. If you have any questions, reach out to us here!


Is it possible to load LibFredo6 8.7 plugin into SketchUp for Schools?

No, none of the web versions support plugins. They can take plugins and roll them into the app as an integral feature, but they haven’t done much of that.

Thank you so much for the prompt response.

If you have to teach something that requires plugins, you can move to SketchUp Make. I had to do that to teach Match Photo because SUfS doesn’t do that either. If you’re working on Chromebooks, however, SUfS is the only choice.

BTW, Wakefield, MA? The town of Reading has an Arthur W. Coolidge Middle School. He was my grandfather.

Oh thanks for the info.

Wow, that’s totally cool, on both accounts.
Thank for the reply.