Web Version toolbar - popout flyout nested missing

I have been watching many videos for training on the Free Web Version
Within almost all of the videos, current as well, the tool bar on the left appears to have nested tools
These icon all have a small triangle on the right edge of the icon, that opens to additional tools.
But when I login through Safari, I do not have this option.
I appear to be limited.

Is this how the current version is supposed to work (Dec-26-2023)

This sketchup training video also shows the toolbar flyouts

the training video is slightly outdated, some time ago, they released a new way of organising the toolbar.
it’s all here :

basically, instead of stacks of tools, you have a dynamic toolbar that you can compose on the go. The old way was space efficient but tools that you use all the time would take the same space as tools you seldom use.

with the new method, you can make your toolbar as you work. simply look at the three dots at the bottom and organise.

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Thanks, I did read that previously. Was hoping I was missing something. I kinda like stacks, but am also humble for being able to use the free tool as well.