Input issue

hello, I recently upgraded for sketchup 2020.
Helping someone in another thread (this one) I noticed there was a problem related to french keyboard (maybe others, I couldn’t tell).

If we want to input an absolute coordinate, using the brackets [ ], on french keyboards we need to hold Alt Gr - 5. But with the new feature “toggle linear inferencing”, it prevents user from typing it. it seems the Alt Gr key acts on the toggling.

  • why is Alt Gr acting just like alt since it clearly says alt = toggle linear inferencing (not alt gr) ?
  • is there a way to disable this feature ?

Yes similar issues in HU keyboard. (for the list separator ; I have to use Alt Gr too)

Generally the Alt Gr is like to press ( Alt + Ctrl ) together. (You can try it you should get the same character result in any Windows program)

I don’t think so. The only workaround to change your keyboard layout to e.g English (For me the “ő” & “ú” does the "[ "& “]” )

It is Incorrectly programmed and definitely a mistake or bug!

BTW. this is a general issue, not only in SU, but other applications as well.

Because of this I do have two physical keyboard and using this small utility to switch layout on the fly depends on which keyboard I typed.

Or a keyboard sticker and a hotkeys to quickly switch between…:wink:

For Win 10 there is a utility called Power Toys written by MS engineers. In it is a keyboard re-mapper. It claims to be able to override the Windows shortcuts. I have not tried this feature yet. It may be worth the time to look at it.

perhaps, but other programs manage to make a difference between the two keys.
For example, in a adobe photoshop, alt key toggles the menu bar. alt gr doesn’t !

Yes. It is similar in SU when e.g. the Select tool is selected.

In Ruby the Alt Gr will return a key code of Ctrl AND Alt button. (both in a same time)
I can program the Alt and Ctrl if it will act only for my extension or leave it to “system” level.
But if I programming it wrongly, then this kind of behavior will occur.

So I guess, they did not act carefully enough when programmed the “toggle linear inferencing” function.