Importing Resene colour files

I am doing my first external house colours project and I can’t seem to upload the resene colours into my sketch up doc. I have the instructions and can find the downloaded file, but the files cant be selected to upload, I’m wondering if the file is too old for sketchup2019 - thoughts?

What instructions are you following and what files are you trying to use? If you are using those instructions they are really old and for SketchUp on PC.

I found zip files for Resene colours for SketchUp here.

Open the zip file to find a folder.
Screenshot - 1_27_2021 , 7_46_17 AM

Copy the folder and paste into ~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp/SketchUp 2019/SketchUp/Materials. Then open SketchUp and go to the drop down list where you should find the collection.

I did the equivalent on my PC and presto! Resene Colours in SketchUp.

And those files aren’t too old to use in SU2019. I put them in 2021 and you can see they work fine.

Thanks, I don’t seem to have Sketchup in my Application Support folder… I also use a Mac.

Not under your User/Library/Application Support?

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No, I just downloaded Sketchup 21, still not there :pensive:

I also use resene colours :slight_smile:

Just curious if you know the trick to forcing SketchUp to display accurate RGB colours?
You need to adjust shadow setting sto move the slider so that Light is set to 0, Dark is set to 80, and “use sun for shading” is ticked On.

In the disk image window, from the DMG that you downloaded, there should be a SketchUp 2021 folder, and an Applications alias. You’re supposed to drag the SketchUp folder on to the Applications alias, to set it copying across. When it is finished copying you then eject the disk image, and go into your Applications folder, to open SketchUp from inside the SketchUp 2021 folder.

Watch this video from Aaron. It shows how Mac users can bring in an image as a color picker, and how on Windows you could pick colors from a nearby PDF:

That saves having to get the sun settings right.

FWIW, Lauren and I solved it. SketchUp 2021 was installed correctly and the folder was there. She’s now installed a bunch of the Resene materials with no problem.

I’m tracking down issues with other Mac users, who I’m sure don’t have SketchUp in Applications. Can you say briefly how it was that it was installed correctly, but not showing in Applications?

She didn’t say SketchUp wasn’t showing in Applications. She said the folder I asked her to look for wasn’t there. When She looked in the correct location it was there after all. She had installed SketchUp correctly and everything was fine.

Ah, got it. Thanks for sorting out that part of the problem.

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Interesting - didnt know about that, thanks!

I do know how to pick colour from an imported image but the sun settings comment was more about actually viewing or printing colour in an accurate manner, once the materials have been applied…

I see a lot of “colour schemes” or “architectural elevations” produced that have named RGB vales, but dont use the correct RGB colours (ie, they didnt know about the 80-0 setting).

If rendering using 3rd party, then it doesnt matter of course :).

Straying a tiny bit off topic here, but it is related …
It would be so much easier for people if LO had a simple checkbox or in-built “Architectural Elevation Style” or “Technical Diagram Style” applied to any scene/viewport. That could apply the 80-0 RGB colours, plus the option of 45 degree shadows (important that this is independent of SketchUp, since the 45-deg shadow extension changes the model orgin and therefore screws up other things). It seems like it would be an easy tweak to make in LO (or may be it is already in there, but another hidden trick??)

FWIW, any time you physically add a folder (eg in Finder) in one of the locations on Mac, you need to restart SketchUp in order to display the list.
Mac user’s tend to leave the app open, all time.

Dave can I ask you something? Why does Layout keep crashing when I try to print to pdf or export?

That’s hard to say. Can you share the LO file with me? If it has your personal info or client info in it, don’t share it publicly. Send it to me in a PM by clicking on my name and then Message. If it’s too big to upload directly, upload it to Drop Box and send me the link. Or send it in an e-mail.