Insert pantone file

Hi All,
I try since yesterday to insert a Pantone File into my Sketchup Pro 2020 but it doesn’t work.I’m on a iMac.
The file is in Library-> Application Support -> Sketchup 2020 - > materials -> PANTONE -> all the different colors.
It worked in the 2019 version so I do not understand.
Can anybody help me out??

What Pantone file are you referring to?

It’s a digital color chart. It exists from Pantone, RAL etc…

I know what Pantone and RAL are. My question is what file did you add to the Materials folder?

Juste a file that includes all the colors.file called PANTONE and in the file Pantone 00C.skm, Pantone 101C.skm etc…

can I include a screenshot in this post??

where did you get the PANTONE folder from?

it needs to be in your

username -> Library -> Application Support -> Sketchup 2020 -> Materials -> PANTONE

not in the HD -> Library or System -> Library…


It’s indeed in MAC SSD -> library -> application support -> SketchUp 2020. I always do it this way and it worked until now.
I do not have a library under users -> my name
It’ s just weird that it worked before downloading SketchUp 2020

I got the file from a school

You will have a Library in your home folder, it’s just that Apple hides it by default.
There’s a few ways to show it, hold option down in the Go menu in the Finder is one way.

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I forgot the Materials file after SketchUp 2020. So it is MAC SSD -> library -> application support -> SketchUp 2020 -> Materials -> Pantone

Yes!!! YES!!! Yes!!! It works. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! I didn’t even knew that this Library existed.
I managed to add RAL, PANTONE and CHROMATIC all the paint colors I use for my clients.
Have a nice day and keep SAFE!!!