Importing files - coloring - I'm a newbie

Howdy Everyone!

I am new to this group and honestly still pretty new to computer design. I am a metal fabricator/aspiring artist and for a couple years have been drawing 2D with the free version of Solid Edge. On multiple occasions I have found myself wishing I could present my ideas/designs in 3D, so I bought SketchUp Pro 2018. Wow, what a software! Ha, I feel like I jumped in the deep end of a pool on the first day of swim class. I have been watching YouTube videos and googling what I can but I am still moving real slow and still not achieving what it is I’m set out to do. Does anyone have a training course or channel they recommend?

What is currently giving me difficulty is importing my files with color. Or how do I import a drawing into SketchUp and be able to use the paint bucket to color? Right now the paint bucket doesn’t register my drawing. What software do you recommend for importing .dxf drawings in color?

What I am currently having to do is probably comical to most of you.
1st step- draw in 2D, save as .dxf.
2nd- import .dxf into Sketch up and build 3D model
3rd- take .jpeg screen shots of my 3D model at different angles
4th- load the .jpegs into Paint and color my image

I have attached some photos to give you guys an idea of what I am trying to do. This took me about 2 hours haha. Sorry but I had to combine the images since the forum would only allow me one upload.

If anyone has a suggestion or resource they wish to share it would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for reading!