Importing 2D dxf files to make 3D model

Hey all. I have a cardboard mold for a pizza oven designed in 2D CAD program and dxf files. It’s about 35 pieces that slide together with notches. Some of the pieces are curved and some are bent at an angle. The dxf files are accurate, cut with a CNC laser and fit together nicely.

What is best practice for importing these files and assembling them in SketchUp.

I want to use Sketchup to make 3D color models and exploded views for marketing and the website. Not for production or manufacturing.

Thanks for the input!

What version of SketchUp are you using? Your profile is confusing. There is no Free Plan or SketchUp Pro as you indicated when you created your profile. The solution for what you are asking depends on the version of SketchUp.

Hi. I’ll get whatever version I need to do the project. Work is paying.

So you probably need to go with SketchUp Pro to do the modeling and create the output.

If you’ve never used SketchUp you’ll want to go through the instructional materials at

When you import the .dxf files they will come in as components. In the import options set the units to match what was used when the 2D drawings were created. The edges will come in without faces so you’ll have to create the faces. You can edit the components and probably trace an edge with the Line tool. If there are gaps or overruns in the edges from the .dxf you’ll need to deal with those before getting faces.

Are those pieces that are bent just shown in their flat configuration? It might be that you’ll have to do some reconstruction to get the bent pieces.

Thanks. The pieces are drawn flat, without the 0.15" thickness of the cardboard, and I will need to bend them. I’ve been guessing that this will be tricky. Allowing for material thickness and how cardboard bends (the outer edge is fixed and the inner edge gets shorter) took some work to get right on the 2D drawings.

If you can share a .dxf file for one of the bent pieces and whatever information you have for bending it, we can probably give you some decent direction. TBH, it might actually be easier to not try to develop the 2D .dxf into a bent 3D shape. Might be easier to work from the measurements taken off the cardboard model.