Importing .png

I am new to Sketchup and want to import two .png images:

  1. With the original transparency around the objects and
  2. Make then 3d, they are 2d only. The push/pull tool does not work with them.

Is there a way to simply have SP remove the transparent areas (which come in as white) and render the non-transparent portion of the image as an object, and then allow me to make it 3d?


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With the free version you’ll have to trace by yourself the geometry using the pencil circle, square arc or any other tool that works for you.

I have the Pro version. If you could tell me how to do it in that I’d be very grateful.


Please correct your forum profile since you have SketchUp Pro. When that information is correct it helps us help you. When you put false information in it, you make it harder to get help.

As for making geometry you can extrude use Image Trimmer which is part of the SKM Tools extension available from Sketchucation.

topic moved to the pro area then.

import the photo. right click on it, explode it. now it’s a face with a texture. now using the various line and arcs tools, draw the contour of your element. and delete the extra bits. like using a pair of scissors. then you can pushpull the middle face.

the final step to ensure optimal support would be, off course, to correct your profile that says “free plan and free version” off course.

Got it, my apologies about the profile. I believe I have corrected that.

One final (i hope) question. The Sketchplus polygon lasso tool would be perfect for this, but it askes for my license which after checking all my emails, I never received and can’t find within my plan. Can you advise me on where to find it?

Thanks very much and sorry to keep bothering you!.

Sketchplus is a licensed extension. The Extension Warehouse page for it says you must obtain a license from the author’s website, separate from your SketchUp license. If you did that and received no reply you should contact the author.

It would help if you’d share the image you are trying to get the 3D model from. It might be that the extension I mentioned will do the trick for you quickly and easily or it might even be that tracing the image isn’t the best option.

Here’s a quick example with a low res image I dug up.

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You’re a Saint! I’m trying to prototype a jig to hold down sheet goods on my table saw sled.



Thanks very much. I finally figured that out and purchased a license.


For things like those I wouldn’t even bother trying to trace or otherwise work directly from the images. For the De-Sta-Co-Style toggle clamp you might find something useful in the 3D Warehouse or you could get dimensioned drawings from the manufacturer or from somewhere like McMaster-Carr. I have a vague recollection of modeling a clamp similar to that some years ago.

The other one would be simpler to model from a few basic dimensions which you can get from Amazon or Rockler if you don’t already have the clamp in hand.

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Thanks Dave, Makes sense. Also, probably not the best thing to tackle for a raw beginner :slight_smile:

True. Kinda jumpin’ into the deep end.

You might give some thought also to modeling only the important details of these things. The screw threads, for example are probably not important. The exact shape of the handles are probably not critical either. Simple representations will go a long way toward giving the information you really need for your project.

Agreed. I often make things way to complicated when a simpler approach would make more sense.

Thanks again,

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You’re quite welcome.

I’m all for making detailed models of things but I try to keep the level of detail appropriate for the story the model has to tell.

I found a De-Sta-Co clamp I modeled a million years ago. It’s 178 Kb and probably still more detailed than it reall needs to be.

I use a app called Snagit from techsmith,
you can use a fill tool to fill a transparency, basically changes any selection or matched color with transparency. Just fill you white background and your done.
Works perfectly, and can save to any number of file types

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