Problems importing a png and retaining transparent background

I’m working with Sketchup Pro 2016 on a Mac OS 10.12.6
I started with a jpeg photo of a mirror on a tiled wall. I selected the mirror, copied it and pasted it into a new file which I saved as a png with a transparent background. Everytime I try to import the new png file into sketchup it imports what looks like the original jpeg even though when I open it in photoshop it still has a transparent background.
Any one know what I’m doing wrong?
Your advice would be really appreciated
best wishes Helen

Could you share the PNG file along with the SketchUp file? If you don’t want to make them public, you could send them via a private message.

Hi Dave
Thanks so much for the quick response. I tried uploading the sketchup file but it’s too large. How do I send you a dropbox link?
I’ve uploaded the png file
Best wishes Helen

Do you want to send the dropbox link privately? If so, click on my name at the top of this post and click Message.

Do you really want the mirror as just an image on the wall?

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