Newbie to the community

Hi My Name is Lori, and I am new to the community, I have a cnc machine (woodcarving) and will be using this for my own personal projects.I would like to know how to import a 2d png and create a 3d and save as dxf file, Is there any tutorials that can help me out. I live in Florida love to Gary(German Shepard and A Black Lab. I would greatly appreciate any help you can send my way.

Thank you

Importing the PNG is easy enough. Simply use Import and make sure you select PNG from the drop down list.

Creating a 3D model is where the real work begins because your 2D model will need tracing over and manipulating.

Happy drafting!

A PNG by nature is not precise, but you can certainly work off one. Working with them is a mixed batch of methods that includes true drafting by entering numeric dimensions where is matters, and tracing by eye things like curves and decorative shapes where “close enough” is good enough. While tracing over a PNG, you may say to yourself, “That’s kinda close to 1 1/2”," so you force is so by typing that in numerically as you draw. It’s not automatic by any means and still requires you to think, but the more you put into it, the cleaner and better fitting the end model will be.

And now you can import .pdf as vector in SketchUp: