Imported object is too big

Hey, I downloaded this kitchen from web, but it is kinda too big for my workspace, I was trying to edit it by removing some of the counters but I dont know how to cut the whiteish shelf, can someone help me and cut it so it will fit in 330cm workspace? Thanks

kitchen.skp (1.5 MB)

This model has a lot of irregular geometry. It may be easier to re-draw everything vs. trying to modify it.

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You might try to have the tape measure tool rescale the object.
See this video Tape Measure

It would rescale the whole kitchen but i only want to rescale one shelf

If I absolutely had to use this model the first thing I would do is clean it up and get rid of the unneeded triangulation. I’d fix the geometry of the objects that still require triangulation to support faces. I’d also unsoften the unneccesarily softened edges. Then you should be able to easily edit the thing to make it fit as you need.

To be honest, I wouldn’t bother repairing this. It would be easier to model the thing from scratch and make it right for what you need from it.

I’ll guess you don’t need the internal stuff in the oven unless you’re planning to use it to reverse engineer one. eaving that detail out will improve the efficiency of your model.

Also every object in the model is double wrapped. It’s a component inside of a group. The top level groups are unneeded and the component names are useless.
Screenshot - 7_2_2023 , 12_21_55 PM


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If you redraw, you could use the Dimensioning Tool:

Then make a rectangular shape to the length you want:

If the bevel is important, you can measure it or copy the edges that form it and paste those into the new Countertop. Then Push-Pull to get the bevel:

This way you can Push-Pull to any size you want: