Resizing object

Hi, I bought an object on a website called turbosquid. I had it converted to a .skp file. When I Put it into sketchup the object is 51m wide when it should only be 2.1m. It is also all one colour and should be a few different. It is for a kitchen design.I am wondering if someone could resize it and change the colours for me, I am willing to pay or if someone can tell me how to that would be great. (I am a complete novice)

I have tried to do the tape and resize but it wont change for some reason! Any help would be great!



Check your private messages.

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The last I heard from @elliotponder over a week ago. Nothing more and no payment despite numerous attempts to get him to respond. Others beware.:

he’s easy to find on facebook :wink:

Yes. And I know where he works. E-mails to his address have gone unanswered, too.

It is really unfortunate when you provide a product and the client doesn’t pay. After being burned before, I require a retainer (deposit) and an agreement before starting the work and full payment before submitting the final product.


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