Important Update on a few Potential SketchUp 2017 issues on Windows


Here is a screen shot with Display 2 chosen.


@Trent.S, both your graphics drivers are very recent (if not the latest.)

Start SketchUp.
Go to menu Window > Preferences > OpenGL (panel) > Details (button)

Does it say SketchUp is using the integrated Intel HD 530 GPU or your AMD R5 340X GPU ?

If it does not indicate the AMD, you need to find the AMD Control panel, and set SketchUp to use the AMD GPU.
(Older versions called it the Catalyst Control Panel, but I’m not sure what it’s called in the newer Crimson drivers.)


That’s part of the problem, I can’t even start the program. I can click on the app, it then opens the ‘Start SketchUp’ page. After pressing that button, it immediately produces a bugsplat.


Thanks for the help. I may have fixed this by imitating some of the previous solutions noted here, although my situation was a little different. Waiting to see if it continues to work as it did yesterday but have to go out of the office for a few days.
Basically, I went into the setting on my graphics card and changed them to dedicate the card “only” to SU while working in SU. Something I took off others solutions in the discussion about the cards.
Will keep my fingers crossed, so far so good. Thanks again


If I can ask, how did you get to the settings on your graphics card?


That’s illegal. Make cannot be used commercially.


Yes, I know. I used the 2015 Pro for work projects, and the 2017 Make for personal use.


Hy !

Same issues as always. I´ve disconnect everything ans same situation apllys.
Editing mapping in a group crashes!

Im waiting for a cal for someone in SU , errors keep continuing and no answers!

PLEASE dont use this software comercially you might have some dissappointments!


which information exactly should a screenshot of your desktop artwork and the Bug Splat dialog provide?

in the meanwhile I have gotten the impression that the frequent issues you are experiencing are specific to your system (e.g. incompatible plugins or special hardware config.) maybe in connection with your workflow.

If using a dual monitor setup you may want try if limiting the usage of SU on the main display #1 (and not enlarging or moving to display #2) preferrably being located at the left side (= no negative screen coordinates) helps.


I use it everyday commercially, no disapointment at all.


My plugins are 3dconnexion and Vray 3.40.03. I have a razor deathhadder elite and a 3dconnexion wireless as input dev.
All drivers are updated. I only experience this crashes running this combo SU+Vray
Its curious you mentioned the dual screen mode. Nobody told me that before.
My configuration is from left to right #2 and #1. I use main Window of SU in #1. I put the default tray in #2 screen.
Ive tried all possible configuration just model in #1 render in #2 …well I think loys of combinations. Errors are erratic , and dont make sense. some exemples.
I think thats what you kindly proposed isn´t it?
Thanks for bother.

I think that is some limit dealing with large files in SU (228mb this file) or/and with Vray rendering.


do you disable 3dconnexion when rendering?

it is a hugely demanding extension on it’s own…



With all of respect but its just an input device. I do not imagine any other app doind that. Not Autocad, not Photoshop or even Max. SU doesnt deal well with large files.

Moving a model its heavy (even with shadows off).
Editing inside componnents or groups its garanteed crash.
See you next crash.

Input device issues

Good day to all of you.
I keep going with crashes.
Now I´m certain, its a memory problem.
I get a OUT OF MEMORY error.


Are you using big texture images?

You’re on vray, therefore rendering, for high quality renderings hi res texturws are needed, however theydemand too much on su graphics pipeline wich is built having presentations in mind.

There are ways to optimize su style for speed but there’s no way to make heavy textures not slow down performance.

I dont use vray but thea. It’s very easy with thea to use low res textures in su but high res on render. Probably vray has a specific workflow for that too


@JQL Thanks for the interest. It seems great. I´ll investigate.


[quote=“mr_robinson, post:119, topic:40186”]…a OUT OF MEMORY error.

how much working memory does this system have (“Alt+R > dxdiag > System”)?


Breef historical update.
Today its my SU 50th crash, a special day.

I Take a long tour. Disable everything, plugins devices, options, files, update drivers, system, uptdate software…
Im waiting for na oficial response.
Any chance we have a stable SU soon?
Or a refund?


Vray materials.


Well i could work with no materials, reduced textures,but wouldn´t be what I ment when buyed SU+Vray.
I want the best detail possible. Pearhaps a balance between all that question, but its not easy whwn time hurries with clients.