Important Update on a few Potential SketchUp 2017 issues on Windows


Editing inside a group.
Moving down geometry. Very light model.
Its a code issue.
Crash #52


Your last four crashes, from old to latest:

  1. VRAY materials
    2 & 3. Google “VRAY rt_cuda”
  2. #56 - Ruby crash


Evidently you are correct. It’s a Vray code issue. If I had as much problem with Vray as you’ve been having, I would have switched to a different renderer long ago. There are plenty of others to choose from.



@mr_robinson, try this as a test…

1: turn OFF vRay and restart SU

2: open a known problem model

3: save a copy as SU version 6

4: restart SU and open the the v6 copy

does it behave or still crash?

if it crashes it’s either SU or another extension…

if not then

5: turn ON vRay, restart SU and open the the v6 copy

does it behave or still crash?

if it now crashes it’s possibly the vRay install…

if it doesn’t it was likely a vRay material or setting stored in the original file…



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Crashes are aleatory. If I open the same mode lagain doesnt crash on same issue.
Well, it seems a good help but I dont know really what its bugging it. All files and materials and plugins, or no plugins…dont make a diference. I notice when files became bigger then 100Mb problems seems to arrive. Bars in second display, open groups moving resizing, good probability to crash.


Please give more details in private message, thats a very wide answer to 56th crashes and not even a contact for the company.
Thanks a lot.


Have you contacted VRay support about all the crashes with their app?


I don’t know what Ruby extensions you have running. Follow instructions that others have provided.


They told me must be SU to try SU :wink: @catamountain


Who told you? Vray? Please contact our support group with that information.



“Houston we have a problem”


I tried even a vídeo conference. They can´t reproduce error. Its very erratic. They assume its SU.


Looking at the stack crash, the problem appears to be related to a ruby auto-save problem. By any chance are you using the SuSolids extension?


No, I dont think so. In this particular case (file), plugins ,mirror, solarnorth and fredo roundcorner, purgeall.


When are you going to uninstall Vray for SketchUp and try running SketchUp without it? Or are you going to continue letting Vray cause you problems? I get the impression you actually enjoy getting these crashes.


You must be right @DaveR.
I just have SU to render with vray. I have other plattforms. None give me such dissapointments. I need data from SU to confront Vray.

In this meanwhile I had the 60th crash!
No rendering , Just editing!


But you continue to expect SketchUp to fix the problem caused by Vray. Why aren’t you hounding the Vray people instead?

Why are you so fixated on Vray, anyway? I never have any of the problems you have with the renderer I use.