Import Paper Space DWG into Sketchup OR Export Model Space DWG from Layout

I have found an old thread about exporting a model space dwg from Layout for Revit purposes to be closed for comments, but my topic relates.

If it is not possible to do the above in the 2018 version, then I would like to suggest it as a standard feature for the simple reason (besides the benefits to Revit and BIM users) that one needs to be able to update or edit a 3d model in Sketchup from existing dwg drawings (as reference) received that might only be available in paper space.

Is there no way currently I can get my dwg (paper space) from Layout to be imported as reference drawing into Sketchup?

Sadly, the option to export LayOut pages to model space only DWG was removed in the 2017 version. The workaround would be to open the file in AutoCad and use the Change Space command.

Thanks for the reply. I’ll hope for an update then where Sketchup will be able to import paper OR model space dwg’s as it’s essential if you want to use the Sketchup/Layout combination for all drawing and documentation purposes which I believe this software is quite capable of otherwise I wouldn’t have made the change from Archicad after many years.

The other workaround I can figure out is by selecting the “SketchUp model reference” tickbox option when inserting the dwg into Layout. Then you can open it with Sketchup from within Layout and copy and paste it from this Sketchup file into your main Sketchup file as reference drawing.


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