Trying to import dwg into layout with paper space option

Using Layout 2018.

Firstly, can editing of autocad dwg files be done in layout, or does it just come in like an image that cannot be edited? If this is the case does anyone know an easy to use dwg file editor? I know, easy to use, that actually was not a joke.

Second question, the file is of 2 36x24 pages of details. But when I import it gives me the option at the right for only one page at a time, unless I’m missing something. And when it comes in the other page shows the borders but content is empty.

BTW - Layout has proven to be a nightmare. If I’d known it would have been this clunky I would have done the docs with a pencil and ruler, it literally would have been faster.

I don’t know the answer to your specific question as I’ve never tried to use Layout to edit an imported dwg file. And since I’m not at a computer with Layout installed, I can’t test right now.

However, on general principles, model editing should take place in SketchUp, not Layout.

Many people mistake Layout for a 2D design/editing program. While in many cases it can be forced to do that task, that’s not why Layout exists!

Layout is a companion program to SketchUp. Model in SketchUp, present and annotate in Layout.

It depends on the contents and structure of the DWG. Normally, in AutoCad, you draw what you draw in Model Space and lay out your drawings for printing on Paper Space pages, maybe adding a titleblock and similar annotations. The Paper Space importer imports just what is on the page layout, not what is in Model space.

jackreese108… With our new importer we currently only allow importing of 1 page at time, so you will have to import twice. I do know of some edge cases where the modelspace information does not import but it is the intension for it to. You could try importing as a SketchUp model reference to see the information comes in.

I would be interested in seeing the file if you would not mind sharing.

Thanks. I was able to work with the dwg by ungrouping it at several layers. Although some of the character came in as gobbledygook, but I think that is to be expected with such different formats.

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