Import DWG into LO

Having a bunch of DWG detail files, it just occurred to me that it would be really awesome to be able to directly import them into LayOut, and make them scalable as you would normally do in paper space sheet layouts.

It would solve a lot of things, including helping people transition from AutoCAD to LayOut, you know? :+1:

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You can import Autocad into Sketchup but you have to use the tape measure button to make sure that the model is the correct size. Once you’ve imported the DWG file use the tape measure to determine a known dimension. Input the correct dimension in the measurement input box and Sketchup will ask if you wish to rescale the model (or group if the import is enclosed within a container group). NB for reducing error use as large a known dimension as is practicable.
You can then access the data in Layout as normal.

No, you don’t, if you remember to check in the Import Options that the import unit is set to the same unit that has been used in the DWG file. The default is, for some weird reason, Feet.

The DWG to SketchUp importer is severely limited in that it only imports “lines” and “faces”, meaning geometrical entities. Annotations, hatches etc. are ignored.

I really don’t understand what a DWG to LayOut importer ought to do. LayOut is like the Paper Space in AutoCad. How should the importer handle model space elements? Should it import only the content of paperspace layouts? Note that the model space in AutoCad is a fully 3D environment even if quite many users decide to draw everything “flat on the ground” and LayOut doesn’t have a third dimension independent of embedded SketchUp views.



Being able to bring DWG’s into LO will be super helpful. Being able to bring in paperspace drawings from consultants will help coordination efforts.

The solution previously proposed to bring the DWG into SU and from there to LO isn’t currently viable, as already pointed out.

I am testing out a workflow that involves importing dwg files (elevations from CAD) into LayOut to add Interior notations. Is there anyway to preserve (maintain) the CAD line weights with the dwg import?
Anyone doing a similar workflow?