Insert/import AutoCAD dwg file in Layout

I’m trying to insert an AutoCAD drawing in Layout 2018 but does nothing when I select the paper space. Has anybody had luck with it or know of a way to do it.


Hello, do you know if the acad file has a Paperspace?

It could be that it only contains a Modelspace and in this case you would need to select this option.


I do have paper space with more than one layout and LO windows asks me to choose the layout I want to insert and it does nothing after that. If I choose model space, then there are lot of unwanted lines.

Would you mind if I take a look at the file?

You could email me it.

Hi bypopov and thanks for sending your file and I see what the issues are.

First one is a known issue when the Paper Space contains a viewport but does not have a scale applied. When this happens Autocad can not pass any information on the viewport for us to use. The solution in this case is to assign a scale to your first viewport ‘Kitchen Floor Plan’ and re-save the file.

However you have found a new bug and this affects both of your Paper Space tabs. We do not import information that is on a layer that is Off or Frozen. Because your viewport is Off the contents is therefore not passed either. The solution for this is turn the layer On save and re import the file. I have opened an issue to capture this bug.

I do want to point out another known issue you will see once you have imported the file. Dimensions do not convert perfectly in all cases. You will notice that your dimension tick marks will be quite large. When this happens double click to enter the scaled group then single click select the entire dimension group. Adjust the tick marks on the Dimension inspector and it will apply to all dimensions.



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