Layout to Revit (re-integration of dwgs in model space as option)



Clients required drawings in dwgs to import them into BIM/revit models to have details sheets inside a unique file. Now this workflow is not more possible, or it is very complicated. In layout 2016 version it was possible to complete the work in layout using hybrib or vector graphic, export the drawing and link into revit. Every time i did an update of the design into skp, drawing sheet was automatically updated into Revit file. Now this important option has been turn off in Layout 2017.
Layout is improving a lot i hope it will be possible to re-integrate this option in the next realize.
Please keep in mind this point, unfortunately a lot of clients want BIM and unfortunately in the most cases for design stages BIM=revit.
Revit is a good database but it will not be a free mind design software as skp, this option will give us the possibility to provide what clients want following the workflow that we prefer.


In 2017, you are still able export as a dwg. Is the Revit link to the dwg breaking is some way after subsequent dwg exports?



Revit can read only model space. If I complete an A0 drawing in layout with several views with different scale format, I have to get the possibility to export the entire drawing as a single drafting view of revit.
If you are not familiar of revit, consider these points:
All title blocks have to be revit entities/families, so if I have to change something in the drawing frame/title block I can do it with one click for 100 or 200 drawings or more.
When I generate the drawing in layout i left free the space required for revit title block, and I position my views in the remaining part of the sheet. After that I will export a dwg (using layout 2016) and I link it in revit. In this way I can change and update my design in skp and lay, and after that I can simply export in model space scale 1:1 and overwrite the previous dwg. I refresh all links in revit with a click and work done. I can see all my views with correct scale and all my annotations in revit drawings A0.

Now when I export with layout 2017, all vector drawings are in model space with real dimensions, and all the notes and dimensions are in CAD layout sheet, all views are windows of the model space and it is the window that scales the view. This is perfect for CAD user, but in revit, if you link this type of dwg, you have to redo all the annotations and for sure you have to use a lot of revit drafting views, one per each view that you have to insert in the drawing. This is a very long process.


Chris, if you are interested I can share screen in skype and show to u how it works…
Ps next week when I ll back to office :wink:


Generally the changes made to the LayOur DWG export were beneficial but it was unfortunate that the previous option to export your whole LayOut page to the Model space in AutoCad was removed. The contents of he Paper space layouts are inaccessible for most of the applications that can read or import DWG files.

Stefanozilio, as a workaround, if you have AutoCad or AutoCad LT, you can use the Change Space function to send your annotations to the model space before sending your files to your clients.



Yes I know, the problem is that you lost all the drawing arrangement work that you did in layout. It is possible also to export from cad layout into 2d external dwg…but there is in all cases a lot of work in plus…consider if you have to deliver a pack with 60-80 drawings…it will be something crazy…and my clients sometime require design changes just before the delivery date of one design pack…in plus you have to open CAD!!! is old and slow and heavy…with layout 2016 it was possible to have a direct workflow between skp and revit.


Agree with Stephan - we also need to generate DWGS and suddenly faced this problem…

[not sure if there was a warning in the release notes]

Anssi does offer a workaround with the “CHSPACE” command and we also DRAFTSIGHT [free] and it works there also

Nevertheless it is not perfect [eg text scales incorrrectly]


Also note :

You have to export every page individually [otherwise you will have mutliple layout page information moved over into modelspace in autocad with a resultant mess].

In this respect the LAYOUT EXPORT dialogue box selection should have a “export current page only” option , having to type in from page 5 to page 5 is pretty amateurish interface design.

Frankly - SU should just restore the 2016 process back - this was a dumb change !


Agree with u SU has to simply restore 2016 option…is there someone of SU team that can reply to this point…is it feasible?


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