Image appears in my enscape rendering but not in my sketchup model

I don’t know if it ever happened to anyone but I imported an image from the 3D warehouse to my model which I then decided to erase because it wasn’t what I was looking for, fastfoward to me trying to render my model via enscape and I noticed this huge image/object in my render that isn’t in my sketchup model, I tried to unhid hidden objetcs to see if it would appear and it didn’t, I also tried to see if I could erase it from the materials in model but it wasn’t there either, what sould I do? I think it was part of a group that I exploded then I erased all the components I didn’t need and kept the one I wanted, eventually I erased all of it, or so I thought…

Share the .skp file so we can see what you’ve got. I expect it’s an easy fix but there’s no point in guessing at it.

I would, I really would but I can’t, I live in a small island where the connexion is terrible, there is an error message everytime I try to upload the file

What is the error? Maybe it’s just due to the file being too large. Upload it to Drop Box or Google Drive and share link. There’s no point making anyone guess why you are seeing what you are. That’s a waste of time for everyone.

it just says word for word “sorry there was an error uploading that file, please try again” look I’m trying to upload it on google drive even though I already tried before, it’ll take hours I know it, so thank you for trying to help me, now there’s nothing I can do except wait so in the meantime I’ll look for answers elsewhere or just continue to render, hoping you’ll still be able to help me when the upload is done

Can you at least show us some screen shots.

I can definitely do that! I unhid hidden objects in my sketchup model but as you can see there is no object showing but this big image is showing in my render (im going to reply with the screenshot of the render as new users can only put one embedded media item in a post)

Your first image doesn’t show Hidden Geometry, go View/Hidden geometry and hidden objects to turn both on. (if it was on the pillow and blanket would be a mass of lines)
Plus check if you have any tags turned off that it may be hiding in.

no I know it doesn’t show hidden geometry, just shows hidden objects right now but I also tried to show hidden geometry and the image isn’t there

Ill see if i have any tags turned off, thank you

Have you purged the model?
Window/Model Info/Statistics/Purge Unused.
Is there an option in Enscape to purge cache or something like that.

I purged, went to see if I had any hidden tags and this ■■■■ image is still tere I don’t understand, if you have any other solutions I’ll take them, otherwise I’ll just wait for my model to upload in google drive so I can share it here

maybe it’s an enscape problem but I doubt it, enscape only renders what’s in my sketchup model, you can’t even select anything in enscape, i’ll try and ask in enscape forums

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The obvious question is have you ever had anything that looked like that in your model?

yes, I uploaded it from the 3D warehouse but erased it many versions (of my model) ago

Evidently, for some reason it didn’t actually erase!

well stating the obvious doesn’t help but ty, if I knew how/why it was still there I wouldn’t be here…

I expect we’d have had this sorted out a long time ago if it weren’t for having to guess.

well Im trying, no need to be rude, I said it already that my (and the entire island’s) connexion is bad, there is nothing I can do about that, the only thing I can do is wait for my model to upload in google drive so I can send a link and again, I said it will take hours