Sketchup model disappears in views but appears when rendered

I have been working on SketchUp and was moving something inside the model when suddenly all my views got blank and my model supposedly disappeared.
The file is still there but I cannot see it or do any action on it. It will render on vray.
Please help!

There are various things that could cause this, but nobody can tell which from just an image. Can you share your skp file?

One of the groups in the model has somehow gotten damaged in a way that makes SketchUp think it has an enormous extent. That causes SketchUp to zoom very far away in an attempt to display the huge object, and that causes everything else to shrink to invisibility.

Here’s a fix that can be done with basic SketchUp Tools: If it works for you, we can avoid needing to transfer the fixed model back to you.

  • first make a safety copy of your model in case this goes wrong!
  • open the Outliner window and select the last anonymous Group in the list, just before the carpet with what looks to me to be a Bulgarian name
  • right-click in the outliner and erase that group
  • click one of your scene tabs. The scenes have saved sensible cameras, so this should restore the view.

When I do that, here’s what I see:

You may be able to figure out what the erased group was based on what is now missing. Since I can’t see the group while it has that defective bounds and it wasn’t named, I can’t tell you what it was!

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Thank you very much that fix it!