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Hi! I have a model that for some reason has scenes that aren’t showing like they should. Scenes that I set up previously, worked fine. Now when I go to my elevation scenes, my model “disappears” The Elevations, A, B, C, D are all standard views in the model, but now when I cycle to them, the view moves to that appropriate point, but everything disappears, If I rotate the view it comes back or if I go to the specific view and not the scene, that doesn’t happen? Unsure what is going on or how to remedy it. - Video clip is attached

Did you move the model after you created the scenes? Maybe the Camera is located incorrectly? Have you got a section cut that is hiding the model? If you share the .skp file we should be able to sort it out for you without guessing at what has happened.

It is too large to attach. Hopefully you can download it from here.
Download from OneDrive

I posted this topic to give a work around to the issue:

The solution involves copying some cod I give into the Ruby Console. If you can follow the description, make sure to work on a copy of the file until it looks like the problem is fixed.

If it’s a bit daunting, one of us could do the fix if you can upload your model somewhere.

I saw your link right after I posted my reply! Here is your file with the fixing done to it. See if the scenes look ok now.

I guess @colin is working on your file so I’ll stop and let him get you sorted.

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Thank you! I noticed you are quick to help almost anyone and it is appreciated regardless!

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It shows up, but it is at an odd angle. That is an easy fix. Thank you! I do have a follow-up question: Based on what I read from the post you referenced, it’s from opening the file in 2021 and then 2022? My co-worker has 2021 and we do go back and forth with changes in the file, occasionally. Ultimately, should we both use 2022?
(Thanks again!)

With the scenes fixed to make 2022 happy, they should still be ok in 2021. The problem comes about because of a change in the way the camera works in 2022. In 2021 it was possible to put the camera into the middle of your geometry when in Parallel Projection, which would introduce severe clipping. But, it was an easy way to make section views without using section planes. Ironically, the fix we did to take care of that issue had the blank scene side effect for some people who had done the better technique of using section planes.

If an update of the file from your colleague brings with it a new scene that looks blank to you, reposition the camera until it looks right to you, then update the scene.

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