White screen when going to (some) scenes in Parallel Projection - Sketchup 22

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I recently switched to Sketchup v22. I have a rather complex model with +/- 60 scenes that was created in v21. About half of the scenes are Parallel Projections to create elevations of a building. These scenes also include a section plane and the scenes are ‘aligned’ with the section planes.

When I open the model in v22, several, but not all, of the scenes go to a white screen. It’s seemingly very random. I can re-create the scenes but all of the associated Layout sheets then have to be tweaked to align with the Layout notes, etc.

When I re-save the file back down to v21 and open the file in v21, everything’s okay.

I presume this is a bug? Or is there anything I can do to fix it without having to recreate the scenes?

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Post the file so someone can examine it and give a definitive answer.

We made a change in 2022.0.1 that should make your elevations look like they used to. Here is the Mac disk image for that version:


Thanks, Colin -

I downloaded the update you provided and tested it but I still am having the problem. FYI, the version number is: Version 22.0.353

Unfortunately, I’m not able to upload the file because it exceeds the maximum file size. (file is 126.4MB)

I’m using macOS Monterey version 12.2.1
MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2019)
2.6 GHz 60Core Intel Core i7
16 GB 2400 MHz DDR4
Radeon Pro 555X 4 GB


Upload the file to Dropbox or some other file-sharing service.

duh - of course. Here’s a dropbox link to the file:

Start by clicking on a non-problematic scene such as: “el-guest-1”. You’ll see a building elevation and section plane.

Then click on a problematic scene such as: “el-main-1”. The model orbits to a different position then the screen suddenly goes white. Orbit slightly and the slightly misaligned elevation appears.

I’m curious if you’ll see the same thing…

Following up - to see how it should work, downsave the file to 2021 and open it in 2021.


I really don’t know what to say. I am on a Windows box, 2022.1. In 2021 All the scenes look OK. In 2022 I see what you see. BTW Nice Work!

The camera behaviour in parallel projection mode was changed from version 2021 to 2022. I don’t have appropriate tools to make sure, but the camera in the affected scenes is probably located somewhere out in the blue - a situation that has no effect in v.2021/parallel projection but clips everything away in 2022.

The affected scenes can be fixed by switching to Perspective and back to Parallel, and saving.


Hi, Anssi -

Thanks for this suggestion, but the problem is that when I switch to Perspective then back to Parallel, the camera moves further away and recomposes the screen. I need the problematic scenes to be identical to how they are in version 2021.

The odd thing is that some (about half) of the Parallel Projection Scenes are very similar to the problematic scenes but work just fine in version 2022.

Can you tell me example scenes that are always showing white? I haven’t found any white scenes yet.

They are the ones with names that start with el-main

It is rather odd - just as if the camera was somewhere behind the whole model, and clipping everything away…

Right after typing that I found one scene that showed a problem. It also happened to be a scene that had its animation turned on. I wonder if that is important.

I think I see what is happening. I will write up a bug report about it.

In 2022.0 there was a change where the camera in Parallel Projection was backed away from any geometry that might get clipped. That led to issues for some use cases, and so in 2022.0.1 there was another change that allowed the camera to stay inside surrounding geometry, so that someone could intentionally using a clipping issue to get elevations without using section planes.

To keep that compatible with older models, the camera position from the old file is reinstated when you open the file in 2022.0.1. I think that is happening with your model, which is ok, except that nothing is showing in that camera direction. I don’t know why, hopefully the developer who made those changes will know what is wrong.

As a work around for the moment, select a scene that shows in white, choose the Look Around tool, then click in the scene and drag the tiniest amount up or down. The scene will reappear. You can continue to drag, to recenter the view to what it should have been.

It would be worth using the Scenes panel to get to those scenes, then after the view is back to normal, right click on the scene you adjusted, and choose Update Scene. Save the file when you have fixed the scenes.

I had a practice run with that, and did the steps to your scenes el-main 1-4. See if they look correct in this file:

Thanks, Colin -

I appreciate you and the Sketchup Team working on this problem and adding it to the bug list. Your suggested work-around is good but it still doesn’t keep the scene in the exact position it was previously. Not a huge problem but I have all of these scenes exported as 2D images to other programs and while they’re close, my notes and other graphics created in the other program no longer align with the 2D exports as intended.

Assuming this problem will be addressed soon, I’ll just work in version 2021 for this file. I’m pretty sure it didn’t affect other projects I’m working on.


It ought to be possible to do the small drag I mentioned in a way that you would go down and back up by an exact amount, leaving the scene like it was.

I am fairly sure that even when the problem is fixed that there won’t be an update right away. But, I have ideas for other work arounds that would leave the scenes exactly like they were. I will let you know how those ideas go.

Thanks, Colin!

I realized there’s a problem with my first work around. I will keep trying ideas.

Hello, someone just directed me to this thread. The same thing is happening to me in some rather complex models. Below is what I shared in the thread I just started today.

I have had it happen in (2) separate projects now where an elevation/parallel projection view either disappears or part of it disappears. If I tilt the image slightly, what is missing appears. How can I prevent this from happening or fix this? There is no fog on. When I try recreating the elevation and then hitting last view to re-align the position, everything disappears again.

I used the make a new elevation and inched it into the closest position possible as the fully missing or partially missing elevation, but it’s not perfect and doesn’t align with Layout which means more adjusting. I’ll be happy to know if Colin or anyone else finds a solution!

Thank you