Hidden objects only showing in Enscape render view to speed up model

Hi all, I have a question. I’ve made a SU model for a client a while ago and to speed up the model I did ‘something’ with the heavy components. But the problem is: I forgot how I did it. I’ve made seperate models of the heavy components (such as a high polygon sofa, or a bunch of trees) and then loaded them in to my model, not showing the component in Sketchup (only a box/frame) and in Enscape you’ll see the complete component. Very convenient to keep your model fast, but I forgot how I did it. I’ll share some screenshots, hopefully someone can help!

Thanks in advance, Anne

It’s about the sofa in the grass, in the SU screenshot you’ll see the box, and in Enscape you’ll see the real model. How did I do this?:smiley: