I'm having issues using Fredo's Line on Surface Tool

Hello everyone.

I have just started learning to work with “Mesh” over the last couple of weeks so I may be missing a step.

I am attempting to create a path line that I can follow with my Profile Builder assembly on top of my topo mesh contours. I don’t want to edit or add this line to the mesh.

I am not having any success when using the Line on Surface tool. The line doesn’t follow the surface of the mesh. The mesh is a group.

It works for me on terrain I inserted with Add Location.

Can you share the .skp file so we can see what you are working with?

The model is pretty bloated with detail. Do you just want the mesh contour group? I can save that as a component and share it.

Terrain Model.skp (2.8 MB)

When I opened your file and started Line on Surface I notice you have it set to draw guides instead of regular edges. I set it to draw regular edges and it is working for me.

Interesting. How do I switch? I have clicked the Line button.

The dashed line button was shown depressed (on) when I opened your file although it hadn’t been in the example I made. It’s off in your screenshot so shouldn’t be anything to change there.

LOL. Still not working for me. I have got to be missing something simple somewhere.
I’m going to try opening the skp file I shared on its own in a fresh model and see if I have better luck.

Weird indeed.

I’m getting some strange jumping around and placement. I also notice that my selection points are red and yours are green.

These are known as inferences. They vary as to what is under the cursor.
SketchUp User Guide: Introducing Drawing Basics and Concepts > Knowing your inference types

Do you have any idea why my Tools on Surface lines aren’t following the surface?

I haven’t yet used this extension, but from the pics above, it looks like Dave opened the mesh group for direct editing. (Ie, the dotted outline in the background.)

There are some extensions that will draw or act through into child geometric contexts, but I do not know if this is one such. Perhaps @DaveR can verify for you?

I did open the group for editing. Maybe I shouldn’t have. Not at my computer at the moment so can’t try it the other way.

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@jawsnaz Examples: 1) Single click on terrain, 2) Double click on terrain. It looks like DaveR is onto the answer.

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