EXTENSION? for broken lines? the ones I've seen are for curves

Does anyone know What Extension I could use to weld lines that come in close contact? Usually after converting and importing into Sketchup.

Thanks, Billy

Close Opens from Smustard comes to mind.

Looks like it would work. Any Free Versions?
I have SU2017 on Windows 64bit
Thanks, Billy

Not that I know of.

Have a look at Thomthoms Edge Tools and Fredos Edge Inspector.

what does it mean when the tools come in unsigned? thanks, Billy

Nothing much, if they are from a reputable developer (as are both ThomThom and Fredo). Just that they haven’t gone through the process of having them signed. It will it only make a difference if you have set SU’s extensions policy (in Window/Extension Manager/Settings) to restrict the use of unsigned extensions .

Tried downloading some Fredo Edge inspector and this is what I have?
anyone know what it is?
thanks, Billy

The error message is NOT related to Fredo’s tools at all, it actually relates to loading thomthom’s [TT] tools.
These are separate LIBs from different authors.
If you read the threads from which you download these tools, then it’ll have told you to ALSO install Fredo’s LIB or the TT LIB respectively…
Some authors have shared LIBs that are necessary for their tools to function…
It IS clearly explain in the tools’ threads…

After you install them you need to restart SketchUp to ensure everything is in sync…

Thanks for that, tried to get ThomThom Edge tools

So install TT_Lib2 as well.

If you downloaded Fredo’s extensions you need to install Lib_Fredo6, too.

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