Extensions chase

I have been (mostly) happy using Sketchup (2020 on Windows) for quite a while. I have suddenly found myself having trouble keeping extensions working… It started by invoking Fredo6’s Licences. Once that was done, I realised I had lost Pipe Along Path, Matt Extend Tool and Lines2Tubes that were suddenly unsigned for. I got around by Installing SketchPlus. Now I find that Lines to Tubes has gone off unsigned in it’s turn. Is there some sort of chain reaction going on and how do I stop it?

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Fredo6’s extensions and the license for them would have nothing to do with those extensions you list. So that is a red herring. Unsigned doesn’t mean they won’t work, just that the author needs to take care of some details with the Extension Warehouse.

Lines2Tubes was last updated in 2014. It’s never been “signed”. It’s unlikely that the author will bother to get that one signed. I think you’ll find the same for those others, as well. As long as you leave the loading permissions set to allow unsigned extensions to load, there should be no problem.

Edit: Looks like PipeAlongPath has never been signed, either. It was also last updated in 2014, before there was such a thing as signed extensions.

You can change your extension loading policy to unrestricted and unsigned extensions will then load automatically.

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That has helped a lot. Thank you.