Can I use Fredo6 plugin with SketchUp Free?

why cant I use fredo6 extention with sketch up free? it downloads .rbz but it is not compressed its just not there and nor do I have the preferences tab the instructions refer to. I am just trying to do a bevelled edge

No. The web-based versions don’t have the ability to use extensions. Very likely there is some easy way to achieve what you want without extensions. If you share the file, we can help you.

You just want a 45° chamfer on that?

Offset the width of the chamfer.
Select the center face.
Move tool with Command to activate Auto Fold.
Move the selection up.

Alternatively, select the four outer edges and move them down while Auto Fold is active.

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i need to be able to do round overs like 1/4"

Use Follow Me, then.


FWIW, if you are the Jeff Mack of Jeff Mack Designs with all the nice furniture pieces and you are using SketchUp for that design work, you would need to use SketchUp Shop or SketchUp Pro and not SketchUp Free. If I were in your shoes, I would choose SketchUp Pro for a few different reasons. One is because I can see in a number of your designs how I would put certain extensions to use


Thank you so much, I am not him as a person. I appreciate your input, It is a new trial study of how this program works I am chking out compatability. thank you again, yes i can see that upgrading would be way less hassle.

It’s probably not a good idea to use SketchUp Free as way to test compatibility of SketchUp Pro for your work. Probably better off to install SketchUp 2020 and use the 30-day trial period, instead.

FIWIW, here’s a table I model awhile back. There were a few different extensions that came in handy for modeling things like the rounded-over legs and rails to make everything match.

The same with something like this live edge bench.

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