How do we get Fredo6 Extentions for free?

How do i get to install free Redo Extensions for free to Sketchup 2021…I need a link or a website…

All of Fredo6 's extensions are available from Sketchucation. Some are free and some are not. Go to Sketchucation and get the Extension Store tool. Install it and use it to install Fredo6 's extensions. Pay attention to the requirements for the extensions. Many of them also require LibFredo6.

Thankyou Dave. Really Appreciated…

If you are looking for cracked extensions, don’t do it, extensions and softwares require work, and it’s not right to steal the work of others.


Cracked software often ends up being more expensive.

Appreciate your comment Francis just asking is there are free once that i can use, coz some extensions are free. I understand, will also pay for the extensions.

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Very True, Indeed…

A note about the non-free Fredo6 extensions. They require the Sketchucation Extension Store for license management.

Also there are no free versions of his paid extensions.

I corrected the typo in the topic title to be “Fredo6” instead of “Redo6”.