Fredo Draw Along issues

And I’m back again…I watched this YouTube on how to draw topography from spot levels.

Seems great and it worked ONCE. I then clicked esc accidentally and now I’m unable to lock the tool on to the ‘Vector’ z axis and the line still seemingly goes where it pleases. I’ve restarted SU and I’m definitely on the latest versions for the plugin.

Thoughts welcome as always.

Do you get the toolbar at the top left? Have you clicked on the Z in the blue box under Vector? Is Vector selected?

Which version of SketchUp are you running now?

Hi Dave,
I reckon I’ll be sending you a Christmas card - I feel like I speak to you more than my friends some days!
Yes I get the toolbar and have selected Z on the Vector box; my layout looks exactly as you have.
I’m SU 2018…

I wouldn’t mind the card. :wink:

Hmmm… And which Guides or Edges?