Fredo6 and topographer - toposhaper saying I have no guides


I’m new to sketch-up and having some trouble with using the program. I’m trying to create countours of ground water elevations therefore, I am using fredo6 and topographer to build terrain from spot elevations. Trouble is I only have 4 elevation points to plot and am looking to see if I can create contours from those points. When I try to use topographer after creating guides and guide points from these 4 elevations but when I group the guides and the guide points and then try to press “Generate trimesh terrain in toposhaper” it gives me an error and says I don’t have guide points.

Anyone know what I can do to fix this? Or have any suggestions on how to create contours from these 4 points?

Thank you!

It would help if you share the .skp file

okay thank you, I tried downloaded another version of sketch-up and now my original is read only so I will make a new one quick and send it over

Test file.skp (514.7 KB)

Each of the guide points is in a group with a guideline for some reason. I exploded the groups and then put the guide points into a single group as they should be. Aftrer that, Toposhaper does its thing.

Why are the points so far up in the Z direction?

ahhhh! I have so much to learn. I took an intro course months ago and now trying to pick this back up again is lengthy and a bit frustrating! Thank you so so so much! They are so far up because I was following a youtube tutorial:

He typed in the elevations from the base plane. Mine were 97-98m… making it that far up on the Z axis.