I can't open my skp file Please Help

well, like anyone else, start by sharing the file, either directly or using dropbox / wetransfer / another cloud.

we can’t exactly guess can we ? :slight_smile:

edit : also, you’re not using the “free plan” if you’re using “sketchup 2023”
the 7 day trial is sketchup pro, the free plan is the online free version. please update your profile, answers will depend on it :wink:

i know I know :smile: I’m waiting the file to get uploaded ( poor connection) and I will share the link as soon as its done. and thanks for replying

Here is the link to my .skp file Sabijo 2.skp - Google Drive

Edit: profile updated

anyone who can help with the above file please?

Maybe @colin will have some luck but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Share the .skb version of the file, too. Maybe that will be better.

The .skb file is giving me same problem too and I have changed the extension to.skp but I will send it to you now

here is the .skb file that is changed into .skp Sabijo 2.skb.skp - Google Drive

Again, I couldn’t do anything with it. Colin might be able to open one of your files but at this point I would suggest starting a new model of the project rather than sitting on your hands until he has time to try it.

OK thanks for your suggestion… in the meantime @colin I hope you will do your thing on it

The good news is that the file opens, just be patient and don’t click on the screen.

180 million edges…

Learn about and use the Purge command often.

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The biggest SketchUp file I have ever heard of.

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I think the RiverArch building (see @NewThinking2 ) may well have been bigger - but both are monsters!

The RiverArch filesize shrunk by almost half after the last upgrade to the non-subscription model:

I checked informally for any lost information after this massive file compression but didn’t find any, though I could not check every edge and object (with a model this large, it was routine to turn off most of the layers (called Tags now) before working on it).
I made a precautionary save before the last upgrade. As John knows, I made dozens of version saves during the 14 months we spent creating the RIverArch, and any time there was a major update to the model. That way, even if catastrophe happens like that described in this thread, I would only lose the latest changes at worst (my computer is backed up to an external HD and the cloud too). These are precautions I learned the hard way as an IT manager for 22 years.

The latest few versions of SU use lossless compression to reduce the .skp file size by about half. But don’t lose any of the edges. Scott do you remember how many edges there were in the later updates of the model?

No, and it’s been a while since I looked at it. Remind me how to check and I’ll compare old and new versions.

Open Model Info/Statistics, check to include sub components then report edge and faces count.

I think it counts all edges and faces regardless of their visibility but try turning a few tags off and on to see if the count changes - I don’t think it does.

Visibility doesn’t matter, all edges and faces are present when the show nested components box is checked!

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hi i have the same issue of “this model failed file integrity checks and cannot be opened”
is anyone able to help thanks!

@zeeviswang , nobody is able to help you without seeing the file. If it’s under 16MB you can upload it here, just drag it in a reply, wait for it to upload before hitting reply!
If bigger, then you’ll have to upload to dropbox, Google Drive or similar and share the link. Make sure you set permissions to public.

Here is the latest SU 4.3 version Model Info Stats:

And this is the old Model Info Stats:

It should be noted that it took about 2X longer - ~10 min - to load the old file which is about 2X larger, so the compression comes with big advantages that way.

Sketch-Up rules! :slight_smile:

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