Failed file integrity checks

i cannot open my sketchup file. It says model failed file integrity checks… can someone help me with this?

SKP File:

SKB File:

I get the same error messages. The file compresses a bit when “zipped” which suggests that it has some damage. Perhaps @colin could get something out of it.

Keep your fingers crossed that Colin can do something with it. Depending on what the actual failure is, he might be able to do something with it. In the mean time you might want to go ahead and get started rebuilding the model.

Unlike the message that this does not appear to be a SketchUp file, failed integrity checks means that the file contains readable data but the internal database of model structure has been corrupted in a way that SketchUp can’t repair. Cross your fingers that Colin or a dev can remove the defective portion to salvage part of the model, but I’d start building it again.

thank you for your replies! @Anssi @DaveR @slbaumgartner

hello have you gotten ur file fixed? i have the same issue and wondering if @colin able to do his magic.

In order for someone to help, the problematic skp file must be shared.

There is no need to write in several topics, one - appropriate - comment will be enough. It is best if you open your own topic and attach the file, or the sharing link to the file in a cloud storage if the size is more then 10MB.

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hello, sorry i kind of panic when it happen, did leave colin a message with the file as well. so sorry again.

If you’re able to it’s worth letting everyone here see the file, in the hope that someone can recover it. I’m 13 hours behind you, and so there is a good chance I’m asleep at the time!

In this case it happened to be a problem that I was going to have to be the person to recover the file. I replied with a link to your message.