I can't open my skp file Please Help

It looks like Riverarch is the winner!!

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Hello guys, I’m having big problem with my precious model… Sketchup can’t open the file. Please, help. any one here?

No one can help you unless you share the model. We are not clairvoyant nor do we have telekinetic skills.


I am very glad to receive such a quick response!
my model uploaded here:

You have to make it public for us to be able to download…


As @tweenulzeven wrote, you have to make the file accessible if you want us to help you.

What version of SketchUp are you actually using? There is no Free Plan 2023.0.396.152.


It’s very strange, link is public. Maybe it will work now? last time, I deleted part of the link after the question mark.

Daver, I never meant to lie to anybody, but version is actually 23.0.396. I can send the screenshot.
Maybe you are mean to pirate version?

I couldn´t open the file, but the message i got when i tried to open it wasn´t the typical “It´s not an skp file” it says that the integrity of the file was compromised, I´ve never seen that, maybe Colin could be able to do something with it.

thank you! yes, message was absolutly the same.

maybe the model could have broken down due to a large set of components inside it downloaded from the sketchup warehouse?

Something isn’t right in the headers perhaps?

I was able to get it open, and save out a fresh file:

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WOW!!! It’s great! I am very grateful to you!!! BIG THANKS!!!
I will divide the model into separate buildings and backup it every day :slight_smile:
Seriously, this model is very important for me. Since this moment you became one of the authors forever. I won’t forget you!!!