I can't import ".skp" files into my SketchUp Model


Ok, I’ll be honest. I started using this program yesterday, but i’m a fast learner. I’ve been using this program to make custom Mario Kart Wii stages for fun. And honestly, the program is easy to pick up. I’ve had a good experience, except for my problem now. I am trying to import some models that I downloaded from the SketchUp Warehouse. Directly from the Warehouse, to my folder that holds the downloaded models. It should work. Here are my steps. File - Import - Then Choosing the Model I expected this to work, as a quick search on Google told me this was the correct way to do so. When I chose the model I wanted to import, my model didn’t appear. Instead, the lighting got really glitchy, and that was that. I’ve tried multiple times to import various “.skp” files into my model i’m working on, but nothing works. I would really appreciate some help with this. Thanks, in advance.


First question: Did you install SketchUp correctly by right clicking on the installer and then selecting Run as administrator? Strange things happen when SketchUp is installed incorrectly as when users just double click on the installer.

What graphics card? You put in useless info for that in your profile. Please fix that.

What happens if you go to Window>3D Warehouse and import the file from there?


Ok, I am administrator on my laptop, so I would assume there would be no problem there. So far, there hasn’t been a single problem. I have an Alienware 15 ANW15-5350SLV 15.6" Gaming Laptop. I’m sure no problems should arise from that. Also, Window>3D Warehouse does absolutely nothing.


As well, if I open up a pre-made model, and import models, it works.


Being the administrator is doesn’t automatically ensure you are running the installer as.

another thing : SketchUp uses Internet explorer for some ‘internet’ related features, try clearing caches


As Mike wrote, it’s not the same. Being the administrator doesn’t mean you can skip installing SketchUp correctly.

That you are aware of.

Go back to the installer, right click on it, and choose Run as administrator. Choose the repair option. Also make sure IE and other browser caches are cleared.


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