I cannot sign into sketchup pro from within the program

I am trying to open a new template to design a kitchen. Whenever I click on any of the templates (woodworking, millimetres) for example, there comes up with an error sign. ‘Auth token cannot be used, the user must sign in’. As far as I am aware, the only way of signing in is to go to **sketchup*8 in header and select ‘managing licensing’ from the dropdown. When I do that a window pops up with a sign in button, and when I click it, the page goes greyish and into a hold mode as if its waiting to load a window to enter username and password and nothing else happens.

I am logged into my account on-line.

Can anyone help as I’ unable to draw any new models or open any older ones.

Thanks you

Hi, a quick search in the forum gave me this result

don’t go to the Sketchup menu but to the Help menu, sign off and then in again.

if it doesn’t help, you need to delete that :

I managed to sort it out by closing the program down and then opening it again and then signing in from the home screen. I don’t know what the problem was but if it arises again I’ll try signing out and in from the help menu. Thanks