I cannot open SketchUp Pro 2023

When I attempt to open SketchUp, which I have not used in 2 months, it asks me to “Manage Activations”
I clicked on this pop-up and I have no idea what to do at this point. Any help is appreciated. I attached a SNIP of the message.

I must write that in the past I have experienced many difficulties attempting to open SketchUp after period of non-use. I find this insanely frustrating…and unnecessary from a user’s perspective.


What happens when you click on the “Manage Activations” blue box?

Why is it so difficult to manage licenses? I have 3 computers (office/home/laptop) and so I have to deactiviate 1 in order to use another. But there is no easy way to manage this and there are no intuitive ways to manage tis. ANd then it gets into this loop that gets you nowhere.


When I logged in successfully, it tells me that I have exceeded my licenses. SO I go to MY PRODUCTS/MANAGE DEVICES/DEAUTHORIZE ALL (only option that I was given). I return to login, sign out on my web browser and then sign in again. Same problem, EXCEEDED YOUR ACTIVATIONS, no option, just a circle that frustrates me. I had to cancel a client meeting because I could not access my files. The program works, but the admin sucks.


And it is not like you can call and talk to a human and get your questions answered-which if they fixed this licensing problem, we wouldn’t have to do this

Each version of SketchUp counts as another use of the subscription. If you open any version of SketchUp 2019-2022, and make sure you are signed out, then you can be signed in on three computers that are running 2023. The subscription covers you to be signed in on two computers, but the warning only comes up when you have tried to sign in on a fourth copy of SketchUp.

I created a snip of the next screen…but I have but two computers and only one at a time is ever used. Either my desk top, or, my laptop, never both.

…what I did not write is that I still cannot use SketchUp…I’ve no idea how to manage my account…this is not intuitive! I see nothing in any of the 5 drop down menus that explain why I cannot use SketchUp or how/why I have “exceeded your allowed subscriptions”. My laptop is not turned on…I am stumped.

Might be time for a different product.

…I was able to sign in on my laptop…after the app crashed three times. But only one of my projects is available…this is really crushing! I have been making excuses while trying to get this program to work.

It is a fair question!

They will find a reason for this of course, but the fact is that we cannot do our work.

See my post as well. We have been talking with a human, I think (today you might not know :slight_smile: ), for more than a month, but we still cannot access our licence.