I can see only back faces!

after intalation of my new amd radeon 6800 video card i am having problems with visiable faces
they are gone /but not in model / i cant see them , only when i click on one face sketchup will display it .

opengl is 4.6 and there is no error message …weird

Is this happening with all models, both old and new? Check the style to see what material is chosen for the back side in the default.

well it looks like both , old and new scenes too
i had nvidia 1080ti before and all was fine …

It’s more often an issue with integrated graphics, but you could try changing the setting for “use fast feedback” in SketchUp’s OpenGL preferences.

How about sharing one of your .skp file so we can compare?

i think there is nothing to share i just made a box and i can see only non visiable faces

something like back face culling in 3ds max … its annoying …

Can you share a screen shot at least?

i have this option ticked on by default …no change if i uncheck it

Do you have X-ray style on? Do you have back edges on (tap k to check, it toggles the setting).

sure !

no xray style i am advanced user not beginner

Would you please save that and upload it so we can look at it?

It does look like your graphics card is not adequate for this, though.

Question: Why the redundant toolbar buttons?

No offense intended! Just imagining possible explanations

lol its new AMD RX 6800

but i think it got 1st drivers because it was annouced in november 2020box-2018.skp (271.0 KB)

no problem …

New doesn’t mean it’s suitable.

My 6 or 7 year old Nvidia handles your model without any problems. Clearly it’s not a SketchUp fault.

Maybe AMD will release a driver update soon.

Displays ok on my MacBook Pro too. Notice that all the materials on the scale figure are missing too in your screenshot. Pretty clearly an issue with the new graphics card or its drivers…

maybe yes but how i can speed up updating drivers with my issue …

Talking about it here won’t help. Contact AMD’s customer support.

its not missing open group and click on random face you will see it …
or just disable always face to camera option on that component and look it from back side …