Problem: Front facing faces are invisible


I have this issue that happens across all models, and seems like versions too, i use 2019 and tried on 2021 and it’s the same. Models are fine on other pcs, so it’s only an issue on my PC.

Some of the faces in a model that are facing “me” are invisible (not reversed).I’m using a default template, Architectural in cm, it’s set to shaded with textures, not Xray or anything, styles is default. Importing in a new empty file doesnt fix it either.

I haven’t used Sketchup in over a month, since holydays and all that. Since last use I changed the GPU, from a GTX 1070 to a RX 6800XT, but i doubt the GPU change would affect Sketchup like this.

Here’s an example of the issue, faces aren’t reveresed, the front faces are invisible and based on the viewing angle of the object. If select one of the invisible faces, it’s visible again until i move the camera or deselect it

In these 2 Photos you can see the left wall’s face is invisible when looking at it, but the back of if it is visible when view from other angle. Also, it dosent happen to all the objects, seems random. Reasigning materials to these objects doesnt do anything.

Any idea’s why this happens?
I’ll attach a link to another model that has same issue, but i doubt it will help since it’s only on my end.

There have been recent reports of the amd graphic card not displaying front faces correctly.
Sounds like it’s your graphic card to me.

agreed, especially if you say yourself that the problem appeared since you changed your graphic card !

see this thread : I can see only back faces!

Cool, thanks for the info, I also submitted a support ticket to AMD regarding this, maybe they can fix it faster …

The issue has been reported by other users specific to the 6800 graphics.

I saw other posts afterwards, weird for that to happen, since it’s random objects, not everything

Keep your fingers crossed the AMD will fix their drivers soon.

Since it’s an issue that affects work of people, not “just” gaming, if a decent amount of people report this, and it’s not hard to fix, they should have it in 2 months, i doubt they’ll have a fix this month.
It’s annoying and an inconvenience, could be worse

Did you report this to AMD?

Yes, sent a support ticket directly on AMD website

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Wow, I joined this forum bc of this exact problem, exactly on the same spot, upgrading from old Nvidia to new 6800xt, there was a driver update released 3 days ago, it did fix this issue.