Exterior faces not showing up

Hello, I just recently got a new desktop and opened this model and it has this weird problem where it only displays the inside faces of the model most of the time, when I click things or pan around sometimes the other faces will show. My graphics card is a AMD Radeon Pro W5500 and should be perfectly fine to run sketchup pro. when the model is opened on other computers it looks perfectly normal. also when I create new models they have the same problem displaying exterior faces. Please help

This isn’t a SketchUp bug. It’s an issue with the graphics drivers. Go to the AMD site to get and install their latest drivers. Then restart your computer and SketchUp.

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As Dave says. This was widely discussed in these forums. It is a display driver bug that affected some AMD graphics card models, and AMD has already fixed it. New computers, especially those from well known brands, almost always ship with outdated drivers that were current when the model went into production.