Viewing faces becomes transparent

All of a sudden, I am seeing the faces of a build become completely transparent. but when I click on the face, it comes back up. I tried re installing the entire software but it still happens. Someone please help. (this is my first post on the sketchup community)


This is a known issue linked to your graphic card (AMD Radeon RX 6800)
update your drivers and it will be fixed

Ahh thank you! But it says my drivers are up to date

download manually from there
I see in your video the driver date is 2020 there have been updates since

edit : it seems the new release is “optional”, reason why your AMD software says it is up to date.
I guess this optional driver has been released quickly to fix this problem, and they are probably working on a more stable version to make it official

one of the fixed issues in this optional release :

  • Some models may fail to render or may render incorrectly when using SketchUp™ on Radeon RDNA graphics products.
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YESS!! Thanks a lot.

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