How to use the 3Dconnextion Space Mouse Compact with the SU2024(Mac)

I would like to use SU2024 (Mac sonoma) but space mouse is not available and I am stuck with SU2023.
The installation of 3D Connexion stops in the middle of the installation and is in a state of forced termination. I’ve looked for a lot of information and tried the following, as well as technical support information, but it doesn’t work…
I am posting this here because I am having trouble.
Is anyone else suffering from similar symptoms?
If you can tell me how to fix it, I would be very grateful.
Thank you in advance.

Start/restart your Mac in recovery mode.


Disable SIP

NOTES! Please read the notes in the red box. Re-enable SIP in step 6.

Note contents:
Temporarily disable SIP only to perform the required task and re-enable it as soon as possible. Failure to re-enable SIP at the end of the test will leave your computer vulnerable to malicious code.

Restart the machine
Start the terminal (/Applications/Utilities/Terminal)

Run the following command
systemextensionsctl list

(This will display a list of installed/running extensions. The status of the extension will probably be “activated enabled”)

 systemextensionsctl reset

(Note: This will also remove any other existing extensions. Probably recommended only if this is the only extension you have)

systemextensionsctl uninstall 9D93Y2RD6L com.3dconnexion.dext

(Note: This will only remove 3dconnexio DEXT. A final removal of the extension will require a reboot)

The status of DEXT can be checked again with the following command

 systemextensionsctl list

Important: SIP must be re-enabled.
(Please re-enable SIP.)

You can check the status again in the terminal: csrutil status You should see “enabled”.

lots of people have had the same issue, including SU employees, and have found a way

check this thread, messages before and after too, it should help you on your quest

Thank you for your reply.
I tried this terminal coping method, but it did not work. I don’t usually operate using the terminal, so maybe I am doing it wrong.
Since I have one main machine, I am hesitant to try again and again because of all the risks…
I would like to move to 2024, but I am stuck at 2023…