3dconnexion Spacemouse pro wireless do not work in my iMac anymore after SU Pro 22 update

Can anybody help me! I using iMac and I just install new SU 22 and my 3dconnexion spaceMouse Pro wireless stop working. Previous versio 21 it works prefect!
I moved “/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2021/SketchUp/Plugins” folder all 3dconnecion plugins to new 2022 plugins folder and it give some error message and moude do not work.
Does enybody have any ideas to get it work?
I use iMac Retina 5K 27 inch 2017 Big Sur

Have you tried to contact 3dconnexion? They are the ones who create and release the drivers and extensions.

Not yet but now I will!

I expect this is the problem. That’s not the correct way to install for the 3D Connexion device drivers. Get their latest driver files and install them correctly.

i have now idea how its done right way! I have latest version of 3DxWare 10 MacOs 10.7.0.
Is there some other way to install driver?

The correct way would be the same way you installed it the first time. Download the current version, double click on it, and install it.

…and to add to what @DaveR said, remove any previous installations, reboot, and unplug your space mouse. Then install, reboot again and plug in the device.

Do you have same problems with your spacemouse Aaron? Every time the annual release comes out, I spend ages trying to get my spacemouse recognized. It still works properly with other apps.

Shouldn’t take long to do that. After installing the annual SketchUp release, install the latest driver version for the 3D Connexion device so it knows that the new Sketchup version is present.

Since the space mouse requires an extension to be installed to run, you have to install the drivers from 3dconnexion every time there is a major SketchUp update. There have been times where I have played with beta versions and my space mouse will work for some reason, but will eventually stop working. The only dependable way to get it to work is to reinstall the drivers each year.

Well gentlemen!

Now with the new SU pro mac version 3Dcon. SpaceMouse Pro Wireless to work.

It was a BIG construction-site again, but now it works. so:

Close all other programs first.

  1. Uninstall 3D Connexion driver (find it with Spotlight) (thx TheOnly Aaron)

  2. Restart your mac if don’t do it automatically

  3. Download the latest version of 3D Connexion Mac software (28.1.22 v10.7.0)

  4. Install the version you just downloaded

  5. Start the 3d Connexion program: system (Apple menu)> 3d Connexion

  6. Select the “tools” menu: click install Plug-Ins

  7. The program will reinstall the plugins on your machine.

  8. Start SUpro

  9. Select extensions> extension manager and activate the 3DxsketchUP plugin and WAIT! until the device no longer seems to be doing anything close the SUpro. I crashed the program and had to check again that the plugin was on)

  10. A moment of truth … Restart SUpro and check that the plugin is on and test your 3d SMpro mouse

  11. I have SUP crashed many times and sometimes a question came up: do I download all “extensions” and ALWAYS select yes. if the SUP crashes then do it again then yes it will obey you!

  12. After that when I got the mouse to work I started the SUP a few times and finally I restarted the MAC and after that I no longer asked for anything and the mouse worked properly!

  13. Good luck and succeed! chin chest and towards new disappointments …

I do not see a thread on what is required to do to move plugins for 2022 on the mac or pc from 2021. Can anyone chime in and add to this conversation as I am assuming after we get the space mouse working, the next step is plugins. Oh and by the way. KUDOS to the SU Team! I am liking 2022 very much.

There are a few threads going right now(search and sort by newest). The short answer is reinstall the extensions that you use. I like to think of this as my opportunity to clean house and not install the extensions that I don’t use.

Thanks – that is what I was thinking, but … was hoping that their was … Ok reevaluating my plug-ins. Cheers!

So if I re-install 3DXWare to enable the spacemouse, SU will crash and bugsplat. @TheOnlyAaron, are you loading 10.7.0(3411) successfully? This is driving me crazy - ive already spent 3 days trying to get the spacemouse to work and SU not to crash. Reinstalled SU22 but same. (I notice the #DXWare driver loads in Library/Application Support whereas all other extensions load in Users/~/Library/Application Support but its been the same for every version and worked ok.) Its just this initial switch over to the new version of SU that is always a pain.

Yep! That is the version I am running. I did uninstall the previous version before installing the latest version of SU. I know old files lurking can cause issues. I hope you get it figured. Not sure if you have some so, yet but you should try reaching out to 3dconnexion, too to see if they know of any issues that you may be facing.

Ok so assuming your running Monterey 12.1 and like me, you’re on an Intel mac, the driver should work. I’ll keep trying!

If you are still at a loss, reach out to 3d Connexion for assistance. It is their product that is not working. Many of us had no issues with the SU version change. Their driver is very skittish to get working correctly.

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I contacted 3Dconnexion and quickly, their suggestion fixed my issue:

Thank you for contacting 3Dconnexion Support.

Sorry to hear about this issue.

Let’s try to replace the NavLib folder for 3Dconnexion on your machine.


-Make sure Sketchup and the 3Dconnexion Home application are not running.

-Download this 3DxNavLib Folder that is linked here.

<image001.png> 3DxNavLib-0.7.16_r18961.zip

-In this folder is another folder named 3DconnexionNavlib.framework You are going to navigate to Macintosh HD > Library > Frameworks and copy this 3DconnexionNavlib.framework folder there to replace the current one.

-Reboot – this is a key step in the process

-Once you reboot go to System Prefs → Security & Privacy > General. There should be an “Allow”/”Allow Anyway” or ”Enable”. Click Allow. See screen shot example.

-Allow plug ins to load if asked by Sketchup and Test the device.

(If the link above doesnt work, submit a help request to 3dconnexion)

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Thank you moosemate1, problem solved !!!

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