How to Save a drawing

I am new to SketchUp Make. I am unable to Save a simple drawing. Version 15.2.686. Mac OS X 10.9.5

Is there a message popping up and saying an error?

More info please! What steps exactly are you following, and what if any error messages are you seeing?

I go to “File”, Save or “Save as”. I then enter the name “bath” and get this message:
Sketchup failed to save file
I close this message and get this one:
The document “untitled” could not be saved as “bath”

Hmm… File save failures usually give more information about why (e.g. lack of write permission).

So, more questions: what folder are you trying to save into? what do you have selected in the Save As Type box at the bottom of the save window?

As a check that the model isn’t somehow damaged, go Window->Model Info->Statistics and click the Fix Problems button. Does it find anything?

Initially I was saving into my “Macintosh HD”. Now I noticed that I am not allowed to open a new folder in the HD. So I opened a new folder labelled “Bathrooms”. It was necessary to log in as the Administrator. I now saved the Sketchup file “Hall” into this folder and it was successful.
THANK you so much

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